XC Duo – Combined Diesel Hob and Heater

The WALLAS XC DUO is a simple combined cooking and heating solution, designed for camper van use.
This single appliance provides a ceramic cooking hob and efficient heater operating on diesel fuel from the vehicle’s own tank.

Wallas XC DUO in a VW T5

Just like cooking at home!

Just press the button to start the cooker! It could not be easier.

The cooker has controllable heat settings, which you can easily adjust. The ceramic glass top is easy to clean and is quiet in operation.

Quiet, safe & efficient heating

Use the same button to control the heater to your desired temperature. Note: this does not stop/start the heater but modulates.

The heater is very quiet, so a good night’s sleep can be had by all.
On top of all this, you’ll appreciate all the features below and its elegant design.

One product = One installation

A single product can be cheaper to install than 2 so this can keep the installation costs down

Fully Controllable

The hob is controllable for your cooking and can be controlled for your heating

Space Saving

No gas bottle installation or separate heater installation


Fuel usage and power usage are both very low – just 0.09 – 0.19l/h and 0.55 – 0.85A


Safety first

There is no open flame as it is a sealed combustion, which means it doesn’t add condensation or poisonous gasses into your campervan


The silent exhaust means happy campsite neighbours

What’s in the Campervan Heating Kit?

The complete wallas xc duo kit has all the parts required to ensure a straight forward fitment into your campervan. The hob/heater, fuel pipe, tank fittings and exhaust/inlet system are all provided and come with extensive fitting guides. Please contact us if you have any question and we will be happy to help you with free advice.

Fuel tank fittings kit

Fuel tank fittings

The tube is designed to be fitted into the main fuel tank of the vehicle. It’s supplied with full fitting instructions and all clips required. We offer various kits for all makes/models of vehicles.

Wallas XC Duo exhaust kit


2 metres of stainless steel flexible exhaust tube with protective sleeve and also 2 metres of air inlet tube (both 28mm in diameter).

exhaust head

Inlet/Exhaust Head

This comes complete with the brackets and fixings.

XC Duo

This flat-design stove has been constructed with flat aluminium edges that are coated in black and protrude just 2 mm above the surface of the counter.

Home - Wallas XC Duo 1Low fuel consumption, just 0.09 – 0.19 l/h

Home - Wallas XC Duo 1Low power usage, only 0.55 – 0.85A

Home - Wallas XC Duo 1Quiet in operation – silent exhaust

Home - Wallas XC Duo 1Dry, controllable cooking & heating

Home - Wallas XC Duo 1SAFE!

xc heater lid
diesel hob black lid


Dont take our word. See what the van conversion specialists say about the Wallas XC Duo.

The Wallas is a simple and effective solution for campervans.

To be able to provide cooking and heating from a single appliance has proven to be a winner.

Always a safe option and one that almost eliminates the moisture that we used to see with the gas cookers.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to sales@kuranda.co.uk

Is it easy to use?

Simply press the button to start the cooker. You can then twist the control knob to adjust your heat setting. In “heating” mode the same knob is used for the thermostatic control. Note: This does not stop/start the unit but simply regulates it within a set temperature range. There is a high altitude setting within the unit. This should be used above 1300m/4200ft.

control panel


How safe is it?

There is no exposed flame and the closed loop (room sealed) combustion means that no moisture or odour escapes into the campervan. You can safely leave the hob/heater running with all the windows closed.

exhaust head

Does the lid get hot to the touch?

Despite the high heating capacity, the upper surface of the lid is only warm to the touch. Additionally, it prevents hands touching the hot surface and also protects the cermic top from falling objects. Perfect for a small campervan environment.

xc duo blower lid

Are there any tunnel or parking restriction?

As diesel is a non-pressurized fuel there are no tunnel or parking concerns. No worries when looking for parking on your way to the opera in the city centre.

xc duo kit


Complete kit including the hob/heated lid, exhaust and air intake together with fuel pickup pipe kit for the vehicle’s fuel tank.

Wallas XC Duo

£1532.00 plus vat (£1838.40 incl vat)
excludes delivery *some exclusions apply

diesel hob and heater

More information

xc duo brochure

More information

xc duo brochure