Extend your 2 year warranty with an additional 1 year


When making a warranty claim, the customer must provide proof that the maintenance and safety instructions have been thoroughly followed.
This warranty does not apply to defects which have arisen due to carelessness in following installation, operation and maintenance instructions.

Wallas-Marin Oy (the manufacturer) shall be liable for any defects in the raw material or manufacture of the products and items sold by the importer for 2,000 operating hours or 24 months from the date of sale (whichever comes first) under the conditions noted below.

1. In the event of a defect:

a) Look at the check list on the website or installation / usage manual (www.wallas.fi) to make sure the defect in question is not related to use. A simple problem might not be covered by the warranty ie. water in diesel or unit requires a service.

b) Notification of the defect must be given in writing immediately, if possible, but no later than two (2) months after the appearance of the defect. After the warranty period ends, a referral back to a notification at the time of the warranty period is not valid unless the notification was made in writing. A valid receipt or another reliable official document of the time of purchase is required for proof of warranty eligibility.

c) For repairs under warranty, the customer must take the product to the place of purchase (the seller is responsible for handling units with warranty issues), to an authorized repair shop or to Wallas-Marin Oy factory service. Warranty service must be done by authorized Wallas repair personnel. The warranty does not cover costs for the removal and reinstallation of the device or for any damage in transit of a device that has been sent for repair. Warranty does not include any transport costs. (Wallas is a return to base warranty). No warranty repairs are carried out while the unit is fitted to the vehicle.

d) The customer must provide the following information in writing for warranty service:
• description of the problem.
• a description of where and how the device was installed (photographs of the installation may help)
• product type and serial number, place and date of purchase

2. This warranty is not valid in the following cases when:
• failure occurs as a result of components, which are not approved by the manufacturer, have been added to the device, and/or, it’s structure has been modified without the consent of the manufacturer.
• the instructions for installation, operation or maintenance have not been followed.
• storage or transport has been inappropriate.
• a problem has resulted from an accident or damage, which Wallas has had no control over (force majeure).
• the product has suffered from improper handling, unsuitable fuel, low voltage, excess voltage, damage due to dirt, water penetrating in to the unit or corrosion
• the device has been opened without the explicit permission of the factory/importer
• components, other than original Wallas spare parts or components, have been used in the repair of the device.
• repair by unauthorized service company

3. Warranty does not cover consumable or wear parts, which include: glow coil/plug, bottom mat or wick, fuel filter, seals.

4. Repairs carried out during the warranty period do not renew or alter the original warranty period.

5. Indirect damages arising from a defective product are not covered by this warranty.

6. The warranty of Camper products is only valid for vehicle installations. The warranty does not apply to installations on boats or other facilities.

7. This warranty does not limit rights specified in consumer protection legislation.

8. In order to be able to provide high-standard services, the retailer has to keep up a register of buyers for any technical information, adjustment or updating needs after the warranty period, so that the buyers can be reached if required.