An "all in one" cooking and heating solution for campervans

The Wallas XC Duo provides safe controllable cooking and heating for campervans. This unique combined product will mean that you do not need to carry gas at all as the fuel it uses is diesel which is fed directly from your vehicles fuel tank with operational power from your 12V leisure battery.

busfest 2017 xc duo

A 2 in 1 solution such as this has proved to be extremely popular with the campervan conversion companies throughout the UK who switched from the standard gas appliance and additional heater to just the one single product. This saves on installation time, weight & space allocation within the campervan.

xc duo hob

Wallas Marin is the manufacturer of the XC Duo who is based in Finland and has been producing heating and cooking systems for almost 50 years. Traditionally, that has been within the marine sector but they spotted the opportunity to develop an automotive product for the campervan market (with type approval ECE-R122) and produced the XC Duo back in 2013.

wallas xc duo camper

As there is no open flame and has a sealed combustion, it doesn’t add condensation or poisonous gasses into your campervan, Being a ‘balanced flue’ system, the product pulls fresh air in from the outside of the vehicle for the combustion through one tube and then extracts the exhaust out through the other tube to the underside of the vehicle to the head unit. This means that you can have all of the doors and windows closed and safely run the XC Duo overnight. With the exhaust being silent this is also good news for your neighbours!

The cooker is started by the simple press of a button and has controllable heat settings, which you can easily adjust. On the left-hand side of the glass is the diesel cookers hottest area designed for boiling, the right-hand side operates at a slightly lower temperature so is suitable for simmering but also has the ability to boil water when the control button is adjusted onto a high-temperature setting. Having the correct flat-bottomed pots and pans is also important to ensure maximum surface contact with the hob. Another bonus is that ceramic hobs are also very easy to keep clean, the ceramic glass top just needs a simple wipe over.

With the blower lid lowered the unit operates as a heater. This lid also has an integrated front deflector that prevents children from touching the hot ceramic surface and has a child lock to prevent accidental opening. With the control button, you can adjust the heater to your desired temperature from 0.9kW up to 1.8kW. Despite the high heating capacity, the upper surface of the lid is only warm to the touch. Additionally, it protects the ceramic top from falling objects. Perfect for a small campervan environment.

diesel heater and cooker

Here are just some of the benefits of the Wallas XC Duo:-
– Safe
– Single Installation
– Easy to clean
– Simple controllability
– Economical
– Efficient
– Uses very little battery power to operate
– Moisture free – no water vapour
– Good air movement in the vehicle
– Sealed combustion
– Silent exhaust
– No gas bottles
– Space-saving
– No parking restrictions
– Tunnel friendly
– High Altitude option
– Optional separate fuel tank (for petrol vehicles)
– 2-year warranty

Supplied as a kit – the complete Wallas XC Duo Kit has all the parts required to ensure a straight forward fitment into your campervan. The hob/heater, fuel pipe, tank fittings and exhaust/inlet system are all provided and come with extensive fitting guides.